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CES 2017: Freevision Gimbal ReleasedCES 2017

The VILTA, designed by Freevision, applied advanced motor control and servo control algorithm, 2 in 1 Ergonomic design with wearable and handheld gimbal came out at CES 2017 in Las Vegas Trade show.

Foreign media reported“Creative 2 in 1 portable gimbal come out, the brand awareness of Freevision is going to stand out in gimbal field”

Why is Gimbal? For Stability

Freevision VILTA- Handheld Gimbal, avoids from bumpy and jerking situation , with advanced motor control and servo control algorithm, records the smooth video for your life, extreme sports, travel and so on.

Key features

Comparing with the similar products, VILTA already have updated the record of the stability of gimbals with outstanding performance, 15-25 times smooth footage better than the current average. Shooting the high quality footage against the intensely shaky movement.

The removable handle and base design for GoPro is the first one in the market. More Ergonomics, quick-release structure, easy to shift model. The folding connector on the bottom of wearable gimbal is accessible to the GoPro accessories.

  1. Smart Battery System
    Two pieces (both the wearable and handle) have their own battery .
    Both pieces together operate 9-10 hours battery life. The SBS extends
    battery lifetime and manages battery power effectively, prevents the
    overheating, overcurrent, undervoltage, spontaneous combustion and etc.
  2. Smart Charging Port
    Providing power to GoPro camera,
    extend the camera working time
  3. Longer battery time
    With two USB charging port, support charging it while working,
    no limit for the battery time.
  4. Extra handles as option
    Exchange the handle without power off,
    the gimbal works for nonstop.
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