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Freevision VILTA Enters the USA Market

The Freevision VILTA gimbal firstly launched in CES 2017, based on its outstanding stability and unique handheld and wearable design, got very good feedback and reviews from the media, professionals and electronic retailers.

VILTA stands out from its competitors with a advanced motor control and servo control algorithm that allows you to provide fast response speed and high control precision. As we all known, the US market is a very mature market with the most intense competition. Introducing advanced technology of Vilta in the USA market, approaches to Freevision strategy- international brand awareness.

After nearly half a year of continuous optimization and improvement of products, VILTA has successfully established cooperation with several main electronic, photographic, retail E-commerce platform and distributors(Ex. Circuit Street, Skymall, B&H, Ritz Camera, Amazon, Target, Fry's etc.). VILTA gimbal has enough confidence to occupy a place in US market and bring a unique experience to US consumers.

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